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The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

Book Title:  The Flatshare
Author:  Beth O’Leary
Genre:  New Adult, contemporary, Romance
Number of pages:  325 pages
Publishing Date:   April 18th 2019
Publishing company:   Quercus 


God, I haven’t enjoyed reading a book this much, in a loooooong while.

So here is the synopsis in a very summarized words: Tiffy just got out of a relationship, needs to move out of her boyfriend’s apartement, but got not much money to do so, so she finds an ad to someone who is offering to share his one bedroom flat with someone, as long as that someone can be at the apartement at night and leave it to him in the morning.
So yeah our Tiffy hops on with this offer.

It’s dual POV, Tiffy’s and Leon’s ( the apartment owner).
Tiffy isn’t your average main character, she’s loud, spontaneous, impulsive, and very very funny.
Leon is one of the most relatable characters i have ever read about, yes i related to the male character more than the female, yeah i know what you’re thinking, but it’s true!
He is quiet, keeps to himself, gets exhausted from socializing or being in a generally loud place. HE IS ME.

The Story goes on for how they settle in, love in the same place without quite meeting each others for such a long time, both their characters is completely different when you look at them from a far point of view, but seeing their development, you see that they complete each other, one smoother the hardness of another, that kind of thing, you know?

And actually as the the story goes one, you’d find that it’s more than a good humor and a unexpected arrangement that turned into a love story, Tiffy had a lot of mental development thro the story, she works thro each one of them, and literally i feel so proud of her at the end.
We go from self-worth, family-acceptance,  to self-acceptance. A lot of topics that has been approached in a very delicate way with this story.

The whole thing was extremly enjoyable, humorous, and touching.



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