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Auto-Buy BOOKS

Hola Amigos, Today, i wanna rant about these topics that are just an AUTO-BUY for me no matter how ugly the cover is, i just BUY IT. mental illness Anything that is mental illness related, is just amazing. Like i love how every author talks about this topic from his own experience, or hiw own… Continue reading Auto-Buy BOOKS

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Movies Adaption; Ready Player One

Hello Friends, Today is a little bit different review, a movie review. One of the few books that i read and was made into a movie is Ready Player one, i  already reviewed the book HERE,; youknow, if by any chance you wanna read my rambling, not that it's any good or anything  So i went… Continue reading Movies Adaption; Ready Player One

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Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose

Book Title: Bad Habit Author: Charleigh Rose Publishing Company:  Self Published Page Numbers: 348 pages Date of Publication :  November 15th 2017 Genres: New Adult, romance, contemporary Format: Ebook My Rating: I picked this one out because i kept seeing it all over bookstagram and the cover was just so beautiful, so i thought why not? BUT OMG HOW… Continue reading Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose