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Say Yes To The Duke by Eloisa James


and definitely not my last one, cause i might have become slightly obsessed with this genre??

I have read history but not with a major romance element, and of course romance but not with a major history element, and honestly this genre is just everything i wanted, it gives me all the feels!

Miss Viola Astley is so painfully shy that she’s horrified by the mere idea of dancing with a stranger; her upcoming London debut feels like a nightmare.
So she’s overjoyed to meet handsome, quiet vicar with no interest in polite society — but just when she catches his attention, her reputation is compromised by a duke.
Devin Lucas Augustus Elstan, Duke of Wynter, will stop at nothing to marry Viola, including marrying a woman whom he believes to be in love with another man.
A vicar, no less.
Devin knows he’s no saint, but he’s used to conquest, and he’s determined to win Viola’s heart.
Viola has already said Yes to his proposal, but now he wants her unruly heart…and he won’t accept No for an answer. 

This is book 5 in a series but it can be read as a standalone, i havent read any of the other books, and i’m seriously thinking about changing that.

The story is a dual POV, Viola’s and Devin’s, which really helped get a sense around the place and the second characters, but i have to admit it took me a couple of chapters to get my head around what was happening what is their life like.
But once i read a bit from both sides, i got a pretty good idea and i was set to go, also the Writing was a great help, like yes definitely the language isn’t your avg, after all it is not contemporary romance, and God that made me fall in love with the book even more, youknow?
Like I was completely transported into their world, nothing gave it away.

Viola‘s shyness and somewhat awkwardness made me LAUGH OUT LOUD in more than one occasion, she was so sweet to love, and extremely funny!
Her characters is one of the most well developed character i have read about, she truly changed with time, but it all made perfect sense, the kind of sense that will get you nodding along with, youknow?

Devin is just the perfect mix between Coldness and care, he’s just that hard shell that needs gentle handling to get the caring, thoughtful side of him, it was such a slow burn to get to know him, and for viola to fall for him, and it was just LOVE-ABLE!

The whole story is completely adorable and very easy and quick to read!


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