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February 2019 NEW RELEASES!

Hey Lovelies. This year is getting better and better, seriously every month has many amazing release than the previous one.ย  here are this month's highlight; Some Girls Bindย By Rory James February 1, 2019 ย 200 pages Young Adult Fiction         Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss Kasie West February 5, 2019 384 pages… Continue reading February 2019 NEW RELEASES!

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Online library, you say?

Libraries, they do exist, right? Well yeah i iguess they do, but not in my world. I don't have an online library where i live, they only have arabic books ( native language and all). So when i got contacted by Media Faze, I was like , woah!! Online library? FINALLLYYYYYY! Media faze is a… Continue reading Online library, you say?

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What to do when you can’t get through your current read?

stop reading. immediately. shocking right? Wait wait, don't scroll down and leave me, i have a pretty great argument i prepared just for youu! okay here we go: why do we read? To have fun? check to get our mind of things?? check to escape? check to fall in love? check to breath? check and… Continue reading What to do when you can’t get through your current read?