Words In Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

Rachel used to live in GraceTown, She had a bestfriend Henry, whose parents own Howling Bookstore, a secondhand bookstore, she spent all her time there, but she had to move, so on the day of her leaving, she left a love letter for Henry in the letter library, a section in the bookstore where strangers leave letters in books for others to read. She waited for him to call her and he did but He never mentioned the letter, ever in the next 3 years.
3 years later, Rachel lost her brother Cal , she’s moving back to , working side side next to Henry, working thro her grief and unresolved issues with Henry.

I haven’t read anything this beautiful in a really long while.

A book full of books, letter, literary references, 70% of the story is set in a booksktore, 50% of the topics are about the bookstore and the characters latest reads.
Yeah it was amazing
And that’s not the only reason it was beautiful with a capital B.
The book is about :
Second chances

I never liked reading about grief in books, it always felt unreachable to me, given that i never lost anyone close to me, but in this book, it was written in such a beautiful, delicate way, i could almost feel Rachel’s pain.
And that’s saying a lot

The book is a YA, but at the same time it isn’t?
The characters are 18 YO, but they finished highschool, their problems are serious enough to make you feel for them but silly enough to see the fun through the pain.
Does that even make sense?


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