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Ghosts Of Harvard by Francesca Serritela

by 5% into the book i was crying.
by 25% into the book i was extremely attached to each character in the archer family, key word here being ” extremely”.
by 75% i was doubting my own existence.
by 95% i was tearing up by how proud i was of Cady and her family.

This book is about grief, suicide, self-doubt, family drama, and second chances.
It has History.

Cady arrives at Harvard desperately looking for answers about her brother’s suicide last semester, she was supposed to join him here, but now she;s here alone, left with so many unanswered questions and only his messy notebook to get her answered from
So Cady starts her semester, trying to study( not so much) but mainly focusing on untangling her brother past, he had schizophrenia, so when she starts hearing voices,well things get interesting, did she get her brother illness? people did call them twins sometimes, maybe it’s for a reason…


At the start of the book, the story painted Harvard as the dream, the beautiful campus, the hard educations, the fun parties? everything, and at some point it got me thinking: why didn’t i apply for it when i was applying for colleges?

Little did i know…

just when i got comfortable, it gets incredibly creepy and i thanked God that i did not apply for this hell hole.
and the VOICESS!!! OMG That freaked the s*** out of me! a part of me kind of liked it though ?
The mystery was mixed with the drama of Cady’s college life, it made the perfect mix for me.


The stor starts almost a year after Cady loses her brother, so i didn’t think we would get much of him, but oh my goodness, i cried my eyes out in the first 50 pages, how we get introduced to Cady and her brother, and how she’s handling losing him, it broke me, and i absolutely loved that the author could make me feel this way about a character that i didn’t even get to meet, that was some good s*** work.
And it;s just not the start of the book, we get to see each stage of cady’s grief, and the most astonishing part, the letting go and moving on that happened at the end, it just made me feel so proud of her, youknow?


The voices had life, and had ancient history and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THATTTT!

I am a sucker for historical fiction, and there’s a huge part of the story that is based in different historical eras, that just gave me so much joy, and how history was mixed with mystery, it was just wonderful!

Shocking ending

I loved how i totally did not predict how it would end and how every character would get what they deserved, the author totally pulled this off.

The only thing that made me give it a 4 not a 5 is that it was a little bit too long to my own liking, BUT GOD IT WAS PERFECT AT THE SAME TIMEEE!!!

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