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Introvert? who? me?

Introvert. Yep I'm an introvert. I do go out and i do have friends, honestly my friends are the best. But most of the time, I prefer staying in, reading. Reading is boring you say? Lemme just tell you how wrong you are. Yeah you go out, you travel, and you sure do have fun.… Continue reading Introvert? who? me?

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What I Lost by Alexandra Ballard

The book speakes Eating disorder. no no, lemme say that again, the book SPEAKES EATING DISORDER! In a very very informative way, you would finish this book and you would think you can start working as a nutruition, right here right now. It was such an eye openener for This sickness, i knew that it… Continue reading What I Lost by Alexandra Ballard

books reviews

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland

If you could read my mind, you wouldn't be smiling. mental illnes and poetry in a contemporary? I'm buying that. like yesterday! I have a thing for poetry, it touches deep into my soul, and it just makes everything meaningful! Samantha a senior in high school, suffers from OCD, she just thinks too much, her… Continue reading Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland