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Say Yes To The Duke by Eloisa James

Say hi to my FIRST HISTORICAL ROMANCE ever! and definitely not my last one, cause i might have become slightly obsessed with this genre?? I have read history but not with a major romance element, and of course romance but not with a major history element, and honestly this genre is just everything i… Continue reading Say Yes To The Duke by Eloisa James

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Buzz by Karli Perrin COVER REVEAL!

LOOK AT IT!!! Also, Here is the synopsis: Womanizer. Casanova. Heartbreaker. Skirt-chaser. And my personal favourite, Mr Steal Your Girl. I've been called them all.  But still, the women keep on coming.  And coming. Hundreds of women slide into my DM’s and I slide into their…well, I think you can see where I'm going with this.… Continue reading Buzz by Karli Perrin COVER REVEAL!

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Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

For Nari, aka Narioka Diane, aka hacker digital alter ego “d0l0s," it’s college and then a career at “one of the big ones," like Google or Apple. Keagan, her sweet, sensitive boyfriend, is happy to follow her wherever she may lead. Reese is an ace/aro visual artist with plans to travel the world. Santiago is… Continue reading Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

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Unspoken Voices by Sally Rawhey

Poetry is like having your scattered feelings all oveAr the place, and then you start putting each similar ones into poems. that's what poetry is for me, and this book just made me visualize how i really did imagine it. It's not my average kind of poetry, It was neither modern,nor classic. The poems were… Continue reading Unspoken Voices by Sally Rawhey