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Online library, you say?

Libraries, they do exist, right? Well yeah i iguess they do, but not in my world. I don't have an online library where i live, they only have arabic books ( native language and all). So when i got contacted by Media Faze, I was like , woah!! Online library? FINALLLYYYYYY! Media faze is a… Continue reading Online library, you say?

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Seafire by Natalie C. Parker

Book Title: Seafire Author: Natalie C. Parker Publishing Company: Razorbill Page Numbers: 388 pages Date of Publication : August 28th 2018 Genres: Young adult Fantasy Format: paperback Book ISPN: 9780451481290 a free ARC received from Penguin Random International in exchange of a very honest review. I'm gonna ask you guys a question and i need… Continue reading Seafire by Natalie C. Parker

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My very first interactive journal, Soul Quest.

hello babies, Let's talk  about having an interactive journal Clearly, i'm no expert, i absolutely suck at journals, it's so hard for me to keep writing about my day, or activities. i officially suck! So this interactive journal makes writing, so easy and just loved! may i introduce you to my first interactive journal? Soul Quest,… Continue reading My very first interactive journal, Soul Quest.