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The Lovely Reckless by Kami Gracia

4 stars

Fast Paced, addicting, with a little bit of story

The story was so catchy, full of our favorite cliches.

Frankie Devereux, is a 17 years old senior, who just lost her boyfriend 3 months ago, lots of mistakes later, she end up living with her undercover cop father in somewhat poor neighboorhood, and she started her senior year in a new school there.
She meets Marco Leone on her first day there, typically in a “fight”, he’s a sexy street racer in the Downs, and things get a lil bit complicated from there on.

Even the synopsis screams how cliche and feely feely the story is, and it was just wonderful and so addicting, got me going page after another, and boy oh boy it wasn’t just romance, it had loads of ACTION, plot twists that are pretty amazing.

Both main characters were amazingly developed thro the story, loved how far they came at the ending, i felt little proud of them youknow?

The writing was pretty rich for a simple story and diaglogues, so it drew me right in.

Why not 5 stars?

But what made me not give it a 5 stars is that the action part was wonderful, but the romance part, on which the action was built upon wasn’t backed pretty good? maybe a little bit jumped
You know how 2 characters fall in love in like no time and starts fighting for each-other really quickly like their life depended on it?
It is pretty nice to read as fiction and all, but i like my books to have somewhat relatable/realistic part, like i need them to get to know each-other and fall in love properly so i can root for them when they start fighting for each-other, you know?

So yeah, i felt like the romance part needed to be backed up a little bit, but with how everything is happening super fast in the story, i found myself loving everything about the book even without the relatable part.

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