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Wilder Girls by Rory Power

Book Title:  Wilder Girls
Author: Rory Power
Genres: Young Adult Dystopia
Number of pages: 353 pages
Publishing Date: : June 9th 2019.
Publishing company: Delacorte Press


OMG such a DARK great read!!!

seriously, as soon as i finished reading, i instantely started missing the characters and the story. Do you ever feel that? Like you geniunly miss the characters?
It’s like finishing a long Tv show and now you don’t know what to do with yo life.

A girl school, more like a boarding schooll, on quarantine for 18 months now from the TOX. a disease that grows thingies inside  of you,  natural kind of thingies.
So girls are dying one by one, no one can wonders outside the school fence, everything is horrible.
But then Hetty, our main character, lost her bestfriend as in , like she suddenly  disapeared, so Hetty starts being rebelious to get to her bestie.

So the story starts with HETTY, ahh i just love her okay?
We get to know her and how the Tox started, how it affected her, how the school system goes and everything, and it’s all from her POV.


Once her bestfriend, BYATT, goes missing we start getting her POV, as in BYATT‘s.

The story is definetly a DYSTOPIA in my opinion, but no one shelved it like that on Goodreads? i was like what? How?

Anyways, I think this is the de but novel of Rory? but holy hell the writing is like this is her 10th novel or something, i was so into it right from the start.

The setting has this creepy, dark, gothic  theme hanging in the background, like yeah it’s a quarantine and all but the disease is like nothing you ever read about, it’s twisted and it goes deep into their soul AND BODY PARTS, so it’s definetly not a ligtht read, the author got us knees deep into the TOX, with lots of details that made the whole thing very visual, and kinda rough.

the whole time i was reading i felt like there’s something seriously wrong going on, so i might as well keep reading to figure it out.




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