Scrapbook of an Unfound Songtress by Vicky Nolan

Book Title: Scrapbook of an Unfound Songtress 
Author: Vicky Nolan
Genre: Biography, memoir. music
Number of pages: 186 pages
Publishing Date:  November 20th 2017 b
Publishing company: Createspace Independent Publishing 

Paperback ARC received by the Author, in exchange of an honest review 😉

3 stars

This beautiful tiny book, it’s a memoir- mini-biography- of a young singer, who from a very very young  age, knew nothing but music ,she spent the first 15 years of her life, learning to play, and sing. all her life is about music; so when she lands a deal, at 15! everything changes, this would be her chance right? her big moment?
But no it’s not that easy, not even close, everything changed in a blink of an eye, and she finds herself facing charges, ,and being draged to court.

The story starts with how Vicky found her music passion, and how she developed her love, and how good she got with singing. And then we get glimpses of how she is NOW in trial and facing charges. 
So we’re talking about Between Now and then chapters, with fading in and fading out glimpses.
Which was pretty nice but only if she focused more about the trials then her life.
I felt like i needed to know more about the charges and the trouble she got into with more details, then to know about her daily life.

But while focusing on her daily life, we see how Vicky’s life changing, from normal daily teenager routine, to trips to LA and california, how glomourous these trips are; and how people in this industry living.
I totally loved that part, it was fun and very refreshing to get out of my comfort zone an know more about this industry.

And  i never imagined how diffcult it can be to in this industry, so it was pretty insightful to get a peak to what’s happening there, especially the bad side

The whole thing is pretty small, like i mentioned it’s 186 pages, but every page had loads of info and details, so it felt way longer.
You’d think it’s a light read, but honestly it was kinda heavy, ,i did not expect a 15 YO girl to go thro all of this! Im glad i read it.

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