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This Darkness Mine By Mindy McGinnis

Book Title: This Darkness mine
Author: Mindy Mcginnis
Genre: YA, Mystery Thriller
Number of pages: 352 pages
Publishing Date: October 10th 2017
Publishing company:  Katherine Tegen Books

4 stars

Maybe you’re unfamiliar with Mindy Mcginnis, but you’re familiar with her ” The female of the species”? this book of hers is such a HYPED one, but unfortunatly everyone knows the book, not the author.

The Female of species was such a great book, but for me, her other UNDERHYPED books are way way more amazing.

So about This Darkness Mine.

Sasha Stone is an A+ student, she got it allfigured out, she plays the Clarinet, and she’s going to Oberlin Conservatory, that’s her plan.

But when Isaac starts showing up in her path, she doesn’t know him, yet he knows small details about her, that no one ever know, her heart skipps a beat when he’s around, even though they never even talked.

It feels like they have history, but honestly NOTHING happened between them before.

Gaps in her memory, and suddenly she learns that she has a Twin sister that was never born.

You can see how twisted everything is in this book, it was SO REFRESHING, too read something that entangled, yet so easy to keep up with.

The writing is out of the window, out of this world, every time i start a Mindy McGinnis book, i get reminded why she’s my favorite author.

she be talking about launch break at school, and i would find it the most amazing thing ever.

The book is full of twists, like, i was just as clueless as Sasha to what was happening to her, things excalat very quickly in her life, so it was like never boring, never uniform.

Mindy tend to write bad-ass maincharacter with evilness sprinkles on top which is usually why i like reading her book, but honestly in this one, the main character kept getting worse and worse, she gets meaner by the page,  so at first it was all bad-ass and loveable but at the end she came out kind of irrational to me, i didn’t like how TOO EVIL it got.

i’m always rooting for the good guys, i just can’t help it.
But Other than that the dynamic of the book was complex, dark , and just wonderful!

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