Damsel by Elana K. Arnold

least favorite book of the whole year.

1 star
The story is about A damsel in distress has to be rescued by a prince, so she can be free, and he can become a king, So he rescues her and get back to his village to be a king and marry his Damsel

i thought it would be a fairytale-like, all beautiful and magical.

little did i know.

The book is very disrespectful to women, Emory( the so called prince) treated her like shit thro-out the book, HE ACTUALLY PUT A LEASH ON HER THROAT!

The Myth/legend/fantasy part, did not make any sense, there was no actual reason why certain things are the way they are, whenever She ( the damsel) even asked about it, no one gave an honest answer.
The fact that her name was AMA, which means a female slave in Arabic, was just very disturbing.
Maybe the author didn’t know, but honestly it was just a horrible experience.


8 thoughts on “Damsel by Elana K. Arnold

  1. OMG I have this book on my TBR and I can’t wait to read it! So many people hate it and I love to see what I think haha. I’m one of those people if you say a book is bad I gotta read it and see for myself rather than just avoid it. XD XD I’m weird like that

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