Scrambled Thoughts

So high

I had high standards,
Or, maybe I thought I did
Reading all these romance books
I was waiting for Mr. Darcy

Travis Maddox was thinking about me
I will not settle for anything less
I would think
I’m gonna have an epic love story
I would say
swoon swoon
All the way.
He’s gonna chase me
won’t stop until I say yes!
Because, DUUUUH!
I know all about romance.

And then i met you
And my standards?
I wouldn’t even find them even if i asked my mama
You would smile my way
And i would fly
away from earth
away from reality
Maybe too far away to even notice
that i’m flying alone
I thought you were right behind me
I mean
I heard your wings
i swear I did
We even had our own rythm!

But then i looked
I looked behind me

I was greated by nothingness

Where were you?
I thought we had a deal
or not?
I lost my balannce
I came crashing 
down and down
I never even



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