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The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

The story behind the book is amazing, quite intriguing.

Here what it’s about:

A disease is found in a college in Santa Lora, a girl fell asleep, and never woke up. She is not dead, nor alive, her heart is beating, but she is unconscious for so long they don’t know what to do with her.

And so the disease spreads, all over the dorm, all over the town, all over the hospital. 

People go to sleep, the go into this slumber, where there’s no waking up.

The book is from mthe third POV, of more than one character, like there’s no main character, they are all secondary, and the story take turns to show how they are living and evantually fall into that endless sleep.

So I was hooked from the very synopsis, the writing kept me going, it was like being told a story a ” once upon a time ” kind of story; it also had a sense of mystery in it, like it leaves you sympathizing for the character and wanting to get their full story.

But as the book goes on, everyone got sick, the disease in mysterious, and i felt like it took so long for the people to get better, there wasn’t anything that clarified what caused this? what happened when they sleep?

Like i waited for 320 pages to et closure and with the ending, i didn’t feel like i got one.

That’s why i rated it as a 4 STARS, but other than that:

a disease spreading and a town being quarantied? yes please!

it was a mix of Give The Dark My Love and Delirium


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