book talk

2019?? Is that you?

Happy New Year Lovies,

May this year be a beautiful, positive one for you.

So With the new year new me phase, I gotta join eh?

So i’m totally gearing up my reading challenge game, from 80 books to 100 BOOKS!

reading challenge

my 2018 was pretty great, reading wise so i wanna get even better at this challenge thingy:

Screenshot_2019-01-04 Goodreads 2018 Year in Books.png

Also I’m adding all kind of genre to my TBR? I mean Fiction is nice and all actually it’s what keeps me going.

But i really wanna get out there, know what all these non-fiction people talking about, you know?

okay let’s not get it too far, i might read 1 non-fiction book throought the year but it’s still something, right?

I wanna branch out in fiction too, sci-fi, thriller, i wanna be able to say that i read every genre out there.

I know what it’s all about!

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