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Wild Flowers by Michelle S. Smith

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the most beautiful genre out there

honestly, i lovee this genre, and i jumped o the chance when Michelle reached out to me.

the book title is

Wild Flowers: A Powerful Poetry Collection of Love, Loss, Healing and Depression


So yeah i needed it.

I absolutely love it when a book has shades of contents, likefirst  iloved and then i lost and then i was depressed, then i started healing and empowering.

The book has the perfect order for me, it touhed my soul at so many levels.

I could feel the author’s emotions pouring thro her writing, and in my opinion when this happens then the author has reached her goal.

and Michelle sure as hell reached it.

I don’t think i need to talk more about this, i will just share some of my favourite poems here, ad i hope it touches you the way it should 😉

i do not fear being alone

i fear being forgotten

i fear irrelevance

i loath to see indifference within the eyes of those i love

i fear my absence being noticeable or unimportant

-​ My Darkest secret revealed


it took time

before i realized

the title is synonymous with warrior.

-​ Reasons why they Fear us


forged a girl

who learned how to face her fear


created a woman

who understands how to endure pain

do not underestimate the power within

to make shields

and weapons out of chains

just because the seriousness of your struggle

does not appear as great as that of others

does not mean you are suffering any less

-​ My Truth


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