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My not so called 2018 reads #1

Hey Lovelies,

When i pick up a book, I don’t really care when it was published, as long as it wasn’t like in the 90’s, then it works for me!

So this Year, I read 80 BOOKS (yes i’m a little too proud of finishing my reading challenge), most of which weren’t New releases.

And just for the sake of being different, with everyone sharing new releases,  I’m gonna share with you THE OLD RELEAES, I READ THIS YEAR!

  1. Throne-Of-Glass-Series-660x344.pngThe whole Throe of Glass series, I read it this year even tho it was published, gazillion years ago.
  2. download (20).jpgDaughter of smoke and bones
  3. gallery-1464872587-readyplayerone-coverReady Player one ( just for the sake of the movie haha, JK, not really)
  4. 36337218Kiss me in New York by Catherine pierce
  5. 29102896Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios
  6. 31573350the last piece of my heart by paige toon
  7. 30312512born to love cursed to feel by Samantha King
  8. 36386547echo after echo by Amy Rose Capetta
  9. 30076808the princess saves herself by Amanda lovelace
  10. 33208115Love her wild by ATTICUS

And I Don’t really care if these books aren’t new releases.

a book should never be judged for its publication date, these books were great, and they will always be great. even if it’s  year 2050.


17 thoughts on “My not so called 2018 reads #1

      1. I got the hardcover of the first book the other day! My local book store was having a massive sale and I couldn’t help myself, it was so cheap so I bought it 😍 😂

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      2. The book store have all the series in hardcover! I was so ready to get the whole series but my boyfriend tried to argue about it 🙄
        Thanks I’ll definitely check it out 💖

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      3. I’m actually glad I didn’t get the whole series or I would of been broke this week 😂. My work just gave me a gift card for working for them for 5 years so I’ll be using that to get 2 more of the book 😍

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    1. Iknowww that’s the most i read in years!
      I’m thinking about making it to 100 on 2019 hehe
      Id say you’re missing much but id be lying the book was so good, i just don’t think it should’ve been a series a standalone would’ve been better

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  1. Love this post! Great picks, too. I always feel like us book bloggers always need to be up to date but that´s just bull. This is about books and not some competition on who uploads quick enough. ❤ ❤ Oh, btw- congrats on the reading goal.

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