Scrambled Thoughts

Dear Author,

Dear Author,

Thank you.


thank you for deciding to write this book.

 for having the courage to start writing it.

for pouring down your feelings and experience in writing it.

Thank you for giving me a little relatable piece i could hold on to, because just then, when i was reading your book, i knew i wasn’t alone.

and i won’t be alone.

thank you for creating those characters.

that male that i fell in love with, within 2 pages?

and that female that i felt to connected to write from the prologue?


thank you for cracking me up in the middle of the subway.

yep that was awesome, as if people needed more proof that i was mental.

Thank you for helping me get through that dark place i fell into.

that book you wrote?

it saved me.

your writing saved me.

so thank you

and a little bit more thank you for making me, fall in love.



Yours truly,

A lost reader

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