books reviews

Summer Snow by Caroline Akervik

Lisa Marie’s ordinary summer turns into a summer of firsts—first date, first kiss, first boyfriend—when she meets teen baseball star Hank. But can a romance with a boy who lives out of state last, or will it drift away like summer snow in the breeze?

Summer Snow by  Caroline Akervik is a YA romance novella.

A book that i wish i read back in when i was 15, it speaks insecurities, innocence, finding our-selves, and having a summer crush.

all these sweet memories of our teenage years, is in this novella.

i totally loved how it took me back to feelings that i forgot i felt someday.

Lisa, our main character was so sweet and innocence, but with a sense of interdependency, and a little bit of insecurity.
but haven’t we all been like her?
her Character felt so close to home.
I finished  the book in literally an hour, such a sweet read.

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