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An aweful book, is there such thing?


There’s no Such Thing.

I do not believe so.

why, you ask?

well I do believe that if you didn’t like a book,  it’s simply not for you, that doesn’t mean that it’s awful.

Someone out there, had a story in him, he sat down, and wrote it, he poured down his feelings, his love, his sadness into a book.

He had something to say, and he did!

he had the courage to actually write it down, and show it to the world.


So who am I to deny him this right?

Who am I to say that his baby is awful? cause his book is his baby.

 which leads me to my point:

writing unfavorable reviews.

Don’t be harsh you guys,

if you didn’t like it, 

you don’t have to brag about  how awful and ugly the book was, you don’t have to break the author’s spirit.

You can easily point out a few points that would’ve been better if handled with another way, or approach.

And if you can’t write that? maybe just say that it simply wasn’t for you.


Be kind, share the love.


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