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The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory


E-ARC received by the Publisher in exchange of an Honest review.

One of my very first diverse books. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

This was too Fluffy, I loveedd this.

When Fisher Propose to Nikole, ( our main character), in Baseball game, after being together for FIVE MONTHS without actually saying i love you, DAMNNN, IS THERE A NICE WAY TO SAY NO?

So yeah this is how the story starts, Nikole,ย a writer/journalist. fights her way out of the scandle, yeah the proposal went viral!

It’s pretty Clear the Book is super, cause yeah it really was.

Yeah i totally get the average-chick-lit-not-so-funny, vibes that may fool you when reading the synopsis, but trust me, it was crazy good.

super easy to fly by and so addicting, Nikole’s personality was just so witty and independent with just the perfect amount of sass-iness humour.

and she loved eating! like she actually eats, not so barbie-like so i totally digged her character.

We Also have Carlos( totally Book boyfriend material), who is an expert in FOOD, ORDERING AND COOKING!


The book is from the third person POV, which kind of confused me at first? but as i got thro the book, i fell in love with it, cause i get glimpses’ of the secondary characters’ thoughts. Not in a boring, useless way, no just a sentence 2 about a certain character’s feelings.orย 

which made the story a whole a lot interesting.

why no FIVE STARS you ask?

while the story really had me intrigued, i wasn’t the biggest fan of the writing style, there were a lot of repeated words?ย 

and like youknow, when there’s a chapter where something happens to the main character, and then in the next chapter she be like i wanna tell my best-friends about this? and she starts telling them about what we already know happened a chapter ago?

I absolutely hate that, and it happened more than once in this book, so that’s why it’s not a favorite.

But other than that, the scenes were perfectly put together, i loved this book.


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