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Give The Dark My Love by Beth Revis

A Plague Spreading in the country. 

people dying.

only Alchemists can help.

dead people coming back to life.

Rebellion, Romance, Darkness, Creepiness.

everything i wanted in a book, the Story is perfect!

Just perfect and it just feels right to read.

This is my Very First Book by Beth Revis, but it definitely won’t be the last.

The World Building was fast, yet not so fast for you to keep up with.

The book felt more like a dystopian in the beginning, which helped A LOT, Dystopia is my very favorite genre.

The Book goes like Nesta’s Pov, and then the next Chapter it’s Grey’s.

Nesta is an alchemist in progress, she studies to be one, she treats the poor, has an amazing sassy/funny personality, i loved her right from the very beginning.

Grey is Nesta’s college, he’s pretty rich, so it was pretty unique to see the whole Plague-people-dying from his POV, and the whole community looks different in his chapters.

The Romance was pretty great, it gave the story a very sweet touch.

What i didn’t like about the book is the ending.

The character development rate was pretty fast in the last couple of chapters, she became pretty different and too evil?

i hated how she acted But the scenes itself were crazy good!






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