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Never Procrastinate with reviews



i see you

never do that.

why you ask me?

Cause you well get off the high.

The High of finishing a book, whether it’s a good or a bad one.

there’s this feeling, you have got all the words that you could need in a review right up their in your head.

don’t let it go away.

as soon as you finish reading a book, open a note or something and write how you feel about what you just read.

even if it’s a few adjectives, a quote you liked.

starting your review early, HELPS A LOT!

Trust me on this one.

when you leave the review writing for a few days after finishing it, all the feelings starts to go away, like butterflies, you will never catch them.

so write them down.

let the people feel what you felt.


4 thoughts on “Never Procrastinate with reviews

  1. I’m so guilty of this, esp when I finish too many books at the same time! I usually try to jot down notes at least of what I thought but I know with like Caraval and A Court of Thorns and Roses it took me months later to really think about certain things and I had to go edit my reviews lol!

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