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I’m not gonna buy anymore books, unless…

Yeah you read it right.

I’m not gonna buy anymore books, unless I finish the ones i got from my previous Bookhaul.

This is my new Moto, and i’ve been doing this for 3 months now, and it feels amazing!

The feeling of tackling down your Paperback TBR, IS BEYOND WORDS!!

So now, when i buy a new haul, i have to finish them all before buying new ones.

BIG TBR? forget about that.

so Pros and Cons:



  1. you Know what you’re gonna read next. because you wanna tackle down you last purchases so you can buy again.
  2. you stop buying books just for the sake of  sale, like you only get books that you actually gonna read, because yeah i cannot buy anymore unless i read this little mister.


  1. THE URGE TO SHOP ONLINE IS UNBELIEVABLE!, It’s so hard to fight, you guys. SO HARDDD!
  2. No Buying pretty covers,, just for the sake of the covers, no more Of that……
  3. you only started applying this theory on your new purchases, so these old books you got 5 months/ 1-3 years ago? yeah still eying you suspiciously from they shelf position


I Just thought id share  my small experiment with you guys, i hope it helps ❤


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