books reviews

Angels Can’t Swim, by Alexandra McCan


This is a very small LGBT novella.

super easy to go through!

Jenna, Maggie and Eden, three young women that go to college together.

Jenna has issues at home with her family, she needs to feel praised from the others to feel good about herself, and mostly she doesn’t feel anything, more like numb.

Maggie is a honest-to-god Christian, she has been raised in this community, where marriage is a girl’s future, so any boy that gets within her radar, she only measure how a good husband he could be.

Eden, is gay, everyone knows that she is, but she’s still figuring herself out, she hates to draw attention to herself, so while she’s trying to go un-noticed, she’s losing parts of herself..

All these girls, has issues in their life, but every single one of it is too relatable, you can easily find a piece of yourself in every one of them.

the book is more  like a short journey, how they find their way to finding their way in life. coming in piece with themselves.

I loved how real they felt to me, the story is definitely a must read for young readers, but what i didn’t like is the writing style.

it felt like i’m listening to my friend, telling me about people she knew, you know? no dialogues, nothing interesting that will catch my eyes when i open the next page

it has great potentials, it just needs to be written with a better style.


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