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The Jewel by Amy Ewing ( The lone city #1)

First Thought when i saw the cover?

It’s the selection!! it gave me all the selection vibes, ( princess with a nice dress on the cover, the synopsis says something royal-ish).

Also the first few pages, i was like, yep this is the selection.

But then i realized how fooled i was, it’s so much more than that!

okay the book is from Violet Lasting’s POV, she lives in The Lone City, where the it’s divided into circles, the Marsh( poor), farm , smoke, banks, and the jewel. The jewel where the royals live, they can’t have children tho, so they buy Surrogates ( poor girls with the ability to get pregnant), they actually buy them, enslave them, to let them have babies.

So the book speaks such hard topics, nothing delicate or silly, it speaks slavery, Magic, rebellion, monarchy, and looovvveee!

And i absolutely fell in love with everything about the story, even tho many can find it a  little bit triggering, i respected everything being discussed in the book, and God it made me think about these things, it was beautiful.

The main character was amazing and so real, she wasn’t so rebellious at first, it wouldn’t make any sense if she were, but over the time, her rebellion grows, it’s like shes becoming more mature, she understands more what’s happening to her, and she’s starting to realize that she can actually end it.

The book wasn’t just fantasy, it has the best kind of romance, and actually it had that sense of dystopia? i lovveeee dystopia so when i started getting this feeling i was super duper excited to keep reading.

I absolutely loved this book


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