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Kiss me In Paris by Catherine Rider

Kiss me in Paris is part 2 from Kiss me in New York, i reviewed it here, it was an AMAZING 5 STARS FOR ME!
Even tho this one was 3 Stars for me, it definitely was a great read!
The Story is from 2 POV, Serena’s and Jean-luc’s . Serena had plans with her sister, that she meet her in Paris and they go to their Romance tour, ( where they go to every place, their parents went in their honeymoon, and collect a scrapbook).
So Serena made it to Paris, only to find out that her sister totally forgot about their plans, and she’s catching a train to Madrid with HER BOYFRIEND! with no place to go, neither a compangion to have, she crashes at Jean-Luc’s dorm room, he’s her sister’s friend.
The whole story takes place in just a day, less than 24 hours, where Serena stays in Paris, th journey is HILARIOUS, I LAUGHED OUT-LOUD, A LOT!
Catherine Rider’s writing never fail to make me laugh and cry at the same time, i have a thing for their writing style.
Unfortunately i kind of hated the main character, Serene, she was so annoyed, the whole story, constantly in a bad bitchy mood;that i found myself scowling while reading!

The book is pretty short, sure i laughed at the beginning at a lot of scenes, but the scowling was always there.
That was the main reason i gave it 3.5 stars, but there’s this part at the end.
That brought tears to my eyes, it was so moving and emotionally triggering i lovveeed how i felt connected to the book even if it was for a few minutes.


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