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The Last Watchman of Old Cairo by Michael David Lukas 

Book Title: The Last Watchman of Old Cairo 

Author: Michael David Lukas 

Publishing Company:   Spiegel & Grau

Page Numbers: 288  pages

Date of Publication : March 13th 2018 

Genres:  Historical Fiction

Format: paperback


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when you  protect something, no matter what it is, it becomes your own.

How satisfying is it to read a book based in your country?


okay or maybe you do, but i didn’t! i really didn’t this is the first time i have ever read a book that’s based in my country. I AM IN LOVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE!

the author has put so much work into writing this book, the references and the places that was mentioned, he didn’t just visit Egypt for a couple of days, maybe he got help from an Egyptian friend, but whoever helped him did a marvelous job!

Ali Al Raqb the first watchman of Ibn-Ezra synagogue( a synagogue based in Egypt), his story is set in Al Motassem Be-Ellah era, And then we’re trasmittd into his great great great grandchild, Joseph’s life , who lives in Berkeley , he gets this mysterious package after a few months of  the death of his father.

He starts going through his family history, and ends up in Cairo looking for answers to understand what this package is about. He comes from Al- Raqib Family, they were the Watchmen of the synagogue. His father was a Muslim and his mother is a Jewish.

so The book is set in 3 different times, every chapter in a different time:

One chapter is set in the ,, from Ali Al Raqb’s povv (the first watchman Of Ibn Ezra synoguege) 

the other is from Agnes and Margret Gibson, in 1897, 2 British twins researchers s who are researching jwish documents and Ibn-Ezra’s synagogue history.

The last one is from Joseph’s pov, in at first and his journey in cairo. i guess in the early 2000’s i guess? im not sure tbh.

The characters were all a work of fiction but every place that was mentioned in this book actually exists, even the synagogue exists ( i’m so planing to visit soon).

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The Jewish history is so interesting? Like super interesting i’m so planing to read more about this beautiful religion

The book had Quraan verses, Torah verses. The author, represented both religions so beautifully!

Resting his forehead against the cool metal, Ali offered a prayer to the great saint and to her great-great-great grandfather, Th prophet Muhammad. He  prayed to the one true God, who has many names, Allah, Deus, Elohim-, but could not be divided.

I get so protective when someone mis-represent my country or my religion, these 2 subjects are an off-limit for me. But Michael did a wonderful job representing both! In the 3 periods he chose, he talked and described perfectly Egypt in them!

i even learned a thing or 2 about my country’s history!


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