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The Skeleton Lady by Tori L Wilson

Book Title: The Skeleton Lady

Author: Tori L. Wilson

Publishing Company: Books To Go Now

Page Numbers: 64 pages

Date of Publication : April 15th 2018 

Genres:YA, Fantasy, Magical realism 

Format: Kindle edition

My Rating:


The synospis got me so hooked you guys, i knew before reading that i will love this one.

especially that it’s super short, like 64 pages kind of short.

So Oliver and kayte are besties, but well, Kayte  is secretly in love with Oliver . They’re neighbors and go to school together; The ultimate bestie goal, they have eachother’s back and all! One day, going home from school, they heard this weird sound in a narrow street. So they go there to check it out, and they get abducted by this weird lady, who call herself the skeleton lady. She takes them into a creepy house, separate them, get them dressed and renamed, For like a  year, until’s birthday. EVERYTHING CHANGES.


The writing was so easy to keep up with, i loved the simmplicity especially with such a short story, it made everything easier.

the story had so many, so many hidden lessons: 

  • abusive relationships, pleasing society, learning to say no, compassion friendship and love.

I connected with the characters on an emotional level even though the journey was quite short but this story with written with so much love and effort. 


such  a small quick read with so many deep emotions, it truly touched my soul.

jk i didn’t cry.



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