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An Author that ruined every book for me

This post may seem exaggerating for a few of you, so don’t me if you think so, this is me just saying what i actually feel these days.

The Author that ruined every other book for me ?


Yeaah, there’s an author that did actually ruined every other book for me.

You may wanna ask me, How did that happen, girly? Yeah i’m gonna tell you all about it.

So before i read anything for her( and start reviewing, cause both events happened simultaneously i guess), i usually gave 5 stars so easily.

Like whenever a book just gave me a smile or two, got me hooked in a way or another; id give it 5 stars.

But then i read a book by Sarah J. Maas.

And nothing was ever the same after that.

I started with A court of thornes and roses, and then read Throne Of Glass only recently.

I won’t go around and say how AMAZING the book is, just like every other book we all talk and fangirl over.

There’s 3 points id like to rant about.

The first thingy that fascinates me,

is how deep the world is. I can’t wrap my head around how did Sarah created all of this and taking absolute care of every minor detail.

The world goes so deep. TOO DEEP, ACTUALLY. legends and stories that goes millions years back.

A minor detail in Book 1 that makes a whole plot twist in book 7.

Can you guys imagine? it’s mind blowing how much work is put into these books.

The second thingy is

Her writing, she doesn’t use our common English vocabulary,

She could be saying that the main character is drinking freakin water by the sea, and she would make a big fuss over it, it will get me thinking and asking a million question and jaw dropped.

You get what i’m saying here?

It’s freaking amazeballs.

The third thingy

Her characters, there’s so many secondary characters, but with an outstanding charisma that makes them as important as our main character.

You don’t get confused over their names, NO THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN HERE.

Every single one of them has reader-fans like crazy, shippers that adore them  and can’t stop drawing arts or writing fanfiction!

You guys, She ruined every book for me, i can”t seem to give any book a 5 stars, especially after reading Empire of storms 3 months ago.


Honestly, I think i need help….



5 thoughts on “An Author that ruined every book for me

  1. Im a very strict person when it’s about giving stars. I don’t know why but it’s really hard to give a five to a book. I never thought why this was happening. Then i read this article and went straight to goodreads. I noticed that before The Lunar Chronicles i was like “five stars for everyone”. I was giving a five like a girl changes her clothes. After that series came the chaos. No five stars. Almost never four stars and the book i found the best ever got three stars. Now three stars is decent for me. I FEEL YOU AND IT’S NOT OKAY!!


    1. OMG, FINALLY!
      hahahhaha i lovee that you related to my post.
      these books changed my life, changed how i see books! and nw i know that everyone can write a book, but not everyone can write a good life-changing book.
      thank you :))


  2. OH MY GOD! Feel the same way. I absolutely LOVEDDDD all her books and even I read ACOTAR first and only recently I read TOG.

    Getting confused with names is definitely a NO NO

    But I have to ask you this…

    (please don’t kill me for this)

    Which book series did you like more, ACOTAR or TOG?

    And who did you like more, Feyre or Aelin?

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    1. I read acotar first, and i thought that it was THE BEST SERIES ON EARTH.
      but then i started reading TOG just like 4 minths ago and OMG dhebhdhshs it’s so good, so well written the world is so much deeper and so much better.
      Definitely tog
      Definitely aelin♥️

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