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When Books Are Relatable.

Hey book-babies,

Today i wanna rant about one of the best feelings out there.


sure we read to escape

sure we read to get live new lives.

see new places

But finding a character and somehow relating to him/her, MAKES US FEEL ALIVE!

Like yeah, the author somehow knew how i was feeling,

maybe she/he did experience something similar to me, 

or she/he even thinks like me,

maybe she has a friend like me.

you guys feeling me?

So obviously, i’m talking about new adult romance or mystery. Maybe even poetry.

Feeling this connection with a fictional character, gives me hope; It makes the whole reading experience really personal and super touching!

No matter how the fucked up the character’s action turn out to  be through the novel, you will still love him/her, and understand where her/his actions come from.

you got this deep understanding, 

you know?


And you know what’s even better, reading reviews about readers who felt something similar to you, i mean, they probably live in another continent, living a whole different life.

but somehow, you both felt the same thing.

it’s just fascinating!


5 thoughts on “When Books Are Relatable.

  1. That is my favorite thing about really good books: when the characters feel real, and I totally get where they’re coming from! The best books have strong characters in my opinion. The plot can be amazing, but if the characters aren’t strong then my enjoyment levels drop.

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