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Auto-Buy BOOKS

Hola Amigos,

Today, i wanna rant about these topics that are just an AUTO-BUY for me no matter how ugly the cover is, i just BUY IT.

  1. mental illness

Anything that is mental illness related, is just amazing.

Like i love how every author talks about this topic from his own experience, or hiw own view.

every single one of us went through a period where his mentality wasn’t stable, it doesn’t have to be obvious, to be a mind wrenching, devastating kind of obvious.

you could be suffering through a problem that is mentally exhausting you.

mentally draining you,, and you don’t even realize it.

So reading about it helps me put things in perspectives, to know what the hell is gong on in my mind.

it makes me take care of my mental health way more better.

recommendation on Mental Illness books:

34594982                           33280872.jpg


2. abusive relationships

When reading about abusive relationships, i think about how not everything is as simple as it seems.

not everything is black and white.

There’s always this grey area that we all stumble upon, and get stuck in, for quite a while.

choosing between your heart and brain is one of the hardest choices a person would need to make his whole life.

it may take forever to do it, and you may think it’s already too late, but I do believe in ” BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.”

Recommendation on Abusive relationship books:


3. Special cases

Until now, i have never deal with a person with  special case, our paths just never crossed, that sometimes i do forget that these people exist.

so when i stumbled upon Maybe Someday by ColleenHoover, and found the main character deaf, i was shocked.

it’s like i had this little pinky bubble wrapped around me, That i stopped thinking about these people.

these suffering people, that may not have the perfect mental, or physical condition but they do exist, live and breath every day, like nothing is wrong. Like the own the world.

This book got me thinking about them, they literally are HEROES.

Unfortunately i haven’t found a similar book that has a special case character in it, but i will get it in a heartbeat, if i did.


Tell me about your favorite topics to read about!

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