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Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose

Book Title: Bad Habit

Author: Charleigh Rose

Publishing Company:  Self Published

Page Numbers: 348 pages

Date of Publication :  November 15th 2017

Genres: New Adult, romance, contemporary

Format: Ebook

My Rating:

Light Teal and White Sky and Clouds Cute Bookmark (2)

I picked this one out because i kept seeing it all over bookstagram and the cover was just so beautiful, so i thought why not?


I was this close to put it on my DNF shelf.

But i kept reading because i was so bored and i just wanted to find a reason to rate it more than 1 star, just one GODDAMN REASON!
But i didn’t find any.


The story is told from 2 POV, Briar aand Asher.
(BOTH, were  fucking ANNOYING, and immature in a way that i didn’t even know it was possible :/ )

anyways, so Briar is 2 years older than Ash, she has a crush on him since she was 14, she tried going down on him but he shot her down, (LITERALLY), and then disappeared. she was broken and all and now he’s back into town 3 years later, and screwing with her mind.

his disappearance has something to do with her family, but she hasn’t got a clue, she’s annoyingly naive. and he..

I mean, he doesn’t even know if he wanna be with her, or not. Oh my God the whole thing was so FRUSTRATING!

Okay that’s it i can’t keep talking about this book anymore…


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