Why Read a book by an Indie Author?


Hope you’all are having a blessed friday!


let’s get bank to ranting about books and all bookish stuuff to satisfy our inner Bookworm Goddesses 

Have you guys read anything by an Indie Author?

if not, lemme just show you how amazing it is, to do so

Why Read For An Indie Author?

  1. They are like, SUPER FRIENDLY! Whether they contact you to review their book, Or you contact them through a BLOGGER NEEDED announcement or an Instagram post. THEY ARE JUST ALWAYS, ALWAYS SO FRIENDLY.

2. When you are reading their book, and you need  friend to talk to about what yu’re reading

who’s better than the author itself? They reply to you, FANGIRL with you, and get super excted about the characters, the plot. practically anything Book related!

They are so humble, unlike the bestselling authors, who never replies to fans

3. Your little words and reviews LITERALLY make their day!

I mean,can you imagine being the reason of someone’s smile, the source of their happiness?

Reading a reader’s positive thoughts about their book is legitelly the best feeling ever.

4. They are so relatable, like they could be any of us (bookworms). 

because in fact, they are bookworms, they love reading so much that they started writing their own book! Hurraay!

5.  Having an author friend is pretty awesome

And yeah i can’t think of any more reasons right now but hey!

Just go read a book by an indie author!!

And after doing that, leave a few words for the author, make their day!

17 thoughts on “Why Read a book by an Indie Author?

  1. Great and true post! I did one comparing indie authors vs traditionally published months ago and my main point was indeed the closeness with them!

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    1. Today I attended a self publishing conference to gather research for my ultimate decision … amazing advice out there from the people who can hold your hand when self publishing .. like Troubador ..

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  2. Ah heck, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to use this post to promote myself. I like to think I’m fairly friendly, like point 1 mentions. I know I have a lot of work as a writer to do. But if anyone wants to read my short stories and chapters of novels, please head over to my page. Granted, there will be some spelling and other grammatical errors. But I would love feedback to see if my work draws readers in. As post 5 reads “Having an author friend is pretty awesome,” I hope I can be awesome. Anyway, aside from writing and publishing essays on writing on my blog, I also post my short stories and chapters of novels, ranging from fantasy, science fiction, and Gothic.

    All that said, I hope I didn’t hijack your post. I just love what you had to write about indie authors. It’s all true. I felt very at home reading your post.

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  3. Fabulous; I enjoyed reading this.
    I have a few indie author friends now and I admire them all. They had a dream and followed it through. Seeing their excitement when their book exists rubs off 👌🏼


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