Things I love in Books

Yep we love everything about books, but there’re these few things that makes reading a book

you know?

so yeah, let’s cut this short and start ranting about what makes us feel ALIVE!


  1. When the book contains music

Like a playlist, or even a few songs here and there, it just makes the reading experience even more magical. Because everytime i hear the song I’m gonna remember the book, and the feels it gave me, and it’s just so overwhelming, in a very good way.

2. When the book discuss mental illness.

Deep AF, right? IKNOOWW!

Anyways, when a book discuss something as series as mental illness, even if it’s not its main focus, it makes me feel like i’m reading something so much more than just a work of fiction.

which makes me think about point number 3.

3. When a book story is relatable.

So mainly Contemporary books are the only books i can relate too, surely i won’t relate to a fantasy character slaughtering dragons, yeah?

But when a book has those relatable characters, those normal ones, not all perfection and plastic. it makes the story even more beautiful and closer to my heart.

And it really makes me feel closer to the author? it’s like i could feel how much effort and love were poured into these words, to make this beautiful book that is so special to me!

are you guys feeling me? Oh, i really hope you do

4.When The cover has something to do with the story, 

like surely you think the cover is pretty, but when you start reading and get more into the story you find that the cover is actually a part from the story, so you go like OMG I KNOW WHY THE COVER IS DESIGNED THIS WAY!

it’s just feels amazing, because yeah some covers, just has these randoms design that are pretty but just NOT RIGHT

5. When the female character can stand up for herself.

yeah yeah i know the basic feminist  talk, but you Guys don’t even know how proud i feel when a female character is all bad-ass and independent.

i feel like a proud mama, and i don”t even know why!

6. When the cover has glitters.

When the Title is all glittery and shiny, oh Dearrr i just LOOOOOVVEE IT. 

7. When the Book has like tremendous deep quotes,

that i can use in a picture or a print or something like that; something similar to 

You could rattle the stars, you could do anything. If only You dared – Sarah J. Maas, Throne Of Glass

I have this quote on as my wallpaper and lock screen, and i customized a phone case with it on the back,

Yep i’m pretty obsessed with quotes !

Of Course there’re like tons of things i pretty much ADORE in books but these are what i have on my mind right now.

what do you guys, think?


15 thoughts on “Things I love in Books

  1. I totes agree with you on what you say on books talking about mental illness. I feel like I can get into a story more if there’s some sort of exploration of a character. I felt this way when I was reading Eliza and Her Monsters, not to mention that she was such a relatable character as well, feeling more at home in her own fictional universe than reality

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      1. If you like books on mental illness then I definitely recommend it, it gives a full, non romanticized look into depression.
        Thanks, you too! ❤

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  2. I totally feel you here, especially on the female characters standing up for themselves. There’s something about a girl kicking butt everywhere she goes that just makes me fall in love with a story! 🙂
    Another one of my favorite things in books is when a really strong, mentor-type character has a moment of weakness and their young pupil must carry them both out of whatever situation they’ve gotten stuck in. I’m not sure why, but it’s inspiring!
    Great post 🙂

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