Things I hate in Books, GOD forbid.

Hey people,

Hope y’all having a nice good reading day!

Let’s rant about what WE REALLY HATE IN BOOKS.

So yeah we love books, we all do, and we allknow that.


Obviously there’re a few thing that we hate when it happens in books, whether if its in the story or the physical copy!

so First Off Let’s talk about the physical copy.

I Absolutely Hate it when:

  1.  when the paper color is white, not offwhite.

Okay it may seem ridiculous but that creamy color makes me feel like i’m reading something Glorious, youknow?

2. When the name of the author is bigger than the title,

I mean when you are book shopping, you gotta scan the whole shelf with your eyes to check if there’s something you like, eh? So when you get Really confused from the Book title.

i mean the Author Name’s is BIGGER than the title, WHAAAT? How is that even legal? it’s honestly so confusing.

3. When The Chapters  are titled!

I hate it when i get a glimpase of what is about to happen, even if it’s a little small tin part, i love to turn the age and dive into the new chapter BLINDLY!

4. When the hardcover is plain black or dark Blue,

I mean the cover is black, okay cool i don’t mind,but add some art to the hardcover, let it be pretty, not all black and UGLY!

Let’s talk about things that I HATE in the STORY ITSELF:

I Hate it when:

1. Parts are repeated

like when something happen to our main character and she wants to tell her bestie after a few chapters, so she go through the whole shit all over again

i mean seriously? why do I have to read it again? hello? I WAS RIGHT THERE!

2. When There’re too many Secondary characters.

i have a fishy memory, okay?

I can barely keep up with  the main characters so when there’re  A LOT of secondary characters with nothing that special for me to remember them with.


Annnd You guys? Is there something that YOU ABSOLUTELY HATE IN BOOKS?


23 thoughts on “Things I hate in Books, GOD forbid.

  1. When there’s so many secondary characters and I just forget them all and then it’s like “this secondary character dude died” and all the character are like “NOOOOO SAD TERRIBLE HOWWW” and I’m all like… who?

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  2. Wow I have never read anything that sums up my feelings more accurately than this. The author name being bigger than the title is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! And I detest chapter titles for the exact reason you mentioned — I want to be kept in suspense, gosh darn it. Thanks for sharing. This was an amazing post 🙂

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  3. Love this I hate when they describe a body part of a character A MILLION TIMES. His sea blue eyes. His eyes like water. Those pools of blue. Shshshsh SHUT UP.

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  4. I’m not a fan of white pages either. But my biggest hate in novels is when the author does not complete all the main plots. Leaving the reader hanging on, expecting them to buy the next book, and then the next… 😩

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