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Did i read This book before?


So yeah i think i like making these book talk Posts, and I really do Hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

Everything about books is fun, even just ranting about our reading habits, and making absolutely no sense!

So Today i wanna talk about



And damn, do i have one! I’m ABSOLUTELY the worst at remembering Books.

Like honestly the maximum time in which i remember a book is 6 months,


  • after 6 months, i begin to forget the plot, ending.
  • after another few months, i forget the name of secondary characters,
  • and after a few other months, i start forgetting what the whole damn book was about.

Which leaves me with NOTHING, like i can barely remember the genre and the author’s name.


I’m incapable of re-reading a book, just the idea of reading a book i already had read before frustrates me! even though i don’t remember the ending; I feel bored ALREADY!

This Happens to me with ALL genres that i read, but it happens more with ROMANCE books, especially If I  was reading the EBOOK not the PAPERBACK. 

Annnd you babies? HOW FISHY IS YOUR MEMORY ? *wink wink*

Andd thank you for sticking around and reading my rambling!


19 thoughts on “Did i read This book before?

  1. OMG!! I love this post!!! I forget a lot of the books I read too and they do happen to most romance and ya contemporaries. I’m not even sure how many months have to pass before I forget haha. I do remember that I read that book, but I wouldn’t know specifics anymore. Guess that’s what happens when you read too many books. LOL

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  2. Haha I loved this post! 😂 I’m annoyingly good at remembering books. It’s annoying because I’d like to re-read books but I get so bored by it. I’d rather not remember them, I think. That way every book will be a mystery every time – even if you re-read them. 😍

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    1. Thanks!😍
      OMG i wish i was like you!
      Sometimes i see a book pic on Instagram and i get like, why does this book look familiar? Did i read it? And when i open my goodreads i find that i read it, 2 years ago ahhahaha😂
      Honestly my fishy memory is getting out of control in a lot of things not only books hahaha😂

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      1. Hahaha! Omg, you made me laugh out loud 😂 I think it’s a blessing to forget books! Think about how many AWESOME books you can read over and over again?? You know, when you find that perfect book that has no follow-up or anything? No problem for you! I wish I was like you!

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  3. I FEEL YA. I’m always forgetting what I’ve read! The main problem with my memory is reading a book of a series and then going on to the next one – I can’t ever remember the previous book and it’s a pain in the bum 😫

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  4. I am actually great with my memory. Like I know what books I’ve read even the ones I don’t own. But the ones I own I can remember all the main stuff just not little details. Books I don’t own but read I just remember the titles and sometimes characters.

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  5. Great post!
    I think my biggest issue is reading the first book in the series, and then like 7/8 months later FINALLY getting round to reading the second book and having no idea what’s happening / who anyone is!!
    It happens to me all the time xD

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  6. I’ve heard that this happens to more people than you’d think 😀 but that’s why we have blogs and Goodreads! It’s TOTALLY so we’d remember what we read xD
    Some books I forget, but some I remember for years and years. I guess it’s about how emotionally invested I was, when reading a specific book 🙂

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  7. Oh haha I totally relate. It especially sucks in series where the next book normally takes over a year to come out and then there’s me who’s forgotten all of the first book.

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