Wrap up

February Wrap-Up

Hello babe pumpkins,

Hope y’all had a nice reading month🤗.

My reading progress this month has definitely improved, i have read 10 books.

Like seriously 10 books is so much for me, and in 28 days? That’s definitely something, eh?

So what did i read?

Mainly i finished ALL, the review books i have, and i stopped accepting any new books, because with college and everything it’s really stressing to commit to anything, so yeah i got them all out of the way, and from now on, i’m gonna choose my own read, yay

1. Break by Clare Littlemore


2. The girl who was a gentleman by Anna Jan Greenville


3. Lera’s sorrow by Gail Gernat

                                                                                          37794344 (1)

4. Kiss me in New York by Catherine Rider


5. Crown of midnight by Sarah J. Maas


6. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


7. We own the sky by Sarah Crowford


8. Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning


9. Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning


10. Illera’s Darkliette by Gail Gernat

                                                                                 37769155 (1)

Music wise: I have been OBSESSED by Fifty shades Darker Soundtrack playlist, Holy Shit you guys it’s Fuckin amazing 😍😍.


Life wise, well college is getting crazy, so i will do my best to be on the top of my blogging plan, but MEH, who am i kidding?

and you guys? how was your month ?

13 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up

      1. I don’t remember how far I made it in that series but Backstage Pass was my fav out of all of them lol; I should go back and reread them some day.

        I also read a few of the what is it… Sole Regret series or something? The other rockstar series she had lol!


  1. We both had similar great months you can check out my post to see it all!! But YES the soundtrack is amazing


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