How I Met My Book

How I met my Book #5; Thirteen Reasons why By Jay Asher

Hello my lovelove lovies ❤

Today’s post is a How I met my Book one.

How I met my book is a little project i started  a while ago, where you share a pic of your book and tell us the story behind picking it up and just rant about the book!  

Another unpopular opinion ALERT 😂😂.

I got this book WAY BEFORE it went Viral.

i even have the first version with the girl on the cover, ( not the actor in the series).🙋


So i picked this up because i thought it was more of thriller/Horror, And I WISH I HADN’T 😅

I Absolutely hated its gut, even though i know that talking about suicides and spreading a kind of awareness about is quite important. I think this one was definitely the wrong way to do so 😮.I don’t think it’s suitable for teens to read it.

I was so sad, in a weird depressed way after reading it.😔 It took me days to get back to my normal self! And The fact that it was adapted into a series just frustrated me😔.
I gave it 0.5 stars, if i could gave it less, i would.

Do you guys have a book that you wanna just rant about the story behind picking it up? Post about it using #HowIMetMyBook *wink wink*.

4 thoughts on “How I met my Book #5; Thirteen Reasons why By Jay Asher

  1. Hi! I really like your idea, and I hope to read more post like this one! I’ve read this book a lot of years ago because I found it at my library and I picked it up. I didn’t read the plot so it was quite unexpected but it was a fast reading and I liked it, even if it wasn’t the best book ever and it was really sad and… annoying in some parts.

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  2. Same with me I had the book and read it before it became a big thing. I loved it. I can see and accept the problematic stuff but I loved how it was a very reflecting and conversation starter book

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