Stranger Things Book Tag

Hello bookdragons,

Today’s post is a a fun book Tag, i saw it over at Maria’s Blog BookGraphy65 , Maria’s has been my friend for a while now, we met over at Bookstagram.

Stranger Things is one my favorite shows, like EVER, so I just had to do this one * wink wink*




  1. Delirium series by Lauren Oliver. Nop, thanks.




 2. Acourt of Thrones and roses, the first half of te book was unbelievably slow,  i was about to DNF,

                                                                   16096824 (1).jpg



3.  Levana From the lunar chronicles by Merissa Meyer.




4. Throne Of Glass by Sarah j. Maas, had a bunch of creature, im petty sure im gonna pass out before even seeing them




5. it’s kind hard, i wouldn’t start a book if i wasn’t pretty much sure id love!



6. The lunar chronicles, aliens? robots living among humans? yeah it was really hard to wrap my head around it.


And that’s it, babies, hope you have a beautiful day xoxo.

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