Bonjour mes cheres amies,

So i don’t have a book tag or a book review for you today.

so what am i even doing here?

I just wanna have a little Book talk,

About BOOKSTAGRAM; and how beautiful this community is!

Btw here is mine Early Bookish Birds obv


so first things first:( for anyone who doesn’t know what that is)

  • What’s a Bookstagram?

A Bookstagram is an Instagram account, that only contains Books pictures, and books aesthetics.

I started my Bookstagram May 6th 2017, ever since i started i have found nothing but Love and support from every bookstagrammer i ever had the chance to encounter.

I mean, i live for Books, i LITERALLY, do NOT do anything that doesn’t involve books.

So when you are in a community were

  • Everyone is a bookworm.
  • Everyone is talking about books, bookish stuff, new realeses.
  • Everyone is super friendly, chatty and just KIND!


How beautiful is that?

Even though it’s super hard to keep my account active, i post daily, so taking pics every day, beautiful ones, with good quality; IS NOT easy, not at all!

Trying to be active and commenting on other people’s posts and replying to everyone, IS NOT easy.

But i do it with love, it’s what keeps me going, i don’t know what i would have done if i haven’t found this place! even if it’s a virtual one, it’s my home…

Bookstagram is what got me into Blogging, and Blogging is now a HUGE Part of my life, so for that I am FOREVER grateful!

Also i really do think that promoting books on Bookstagram is way more effective than on Blogs, if you got a big account to take a nice pic of your book, the Pouuf, you’re famous!

Do you guys own a bookstagram? if so, please lemme know, id love to check it out ❤



29 thoughts on “Bookstagram

  1. I started a bookstagram account but HOLY CRAP I SUCK AT THIS lol still I try to post content just so I can see years down the line where I started (if I ever get good that is)! Mine is (at)readarella though I don’t post every day, it’s definitely hard to come up with a good photo to take or to find inspo… I struggle literally with the same thing on my lifestyle account. I suck at flat lays! But I’m taking this year to work on it!

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  2. I started my blog because I wanted to connect with other like minded readers. Then I made the transition to instagram since I really like taking pictures so it seemed the best of both worlds. I’m usually more active on instagram since it’s easier for me. The community is really great and I’m thankful to finally have people to talk bookish things with! 🙂


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