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Surprise me by Sophie Kinsella


Book Title:  Surprise me

Author:  Sophie Kinsella

Publishing Company: Dial Press

Page Numbers:   448  pages

Date of Publication  : February 13th 2018

Genres: Women’s Fiction, Chick lit

FormatKindle edition

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My Rating:


yep 5 donuts.


Did i just read a SOPHIE KINSELLA ARC? did it really happen? OMG OMG OMG OMG!!

Sophie Kinsella is one of my all times favorite authors. i read I’ve Got your number back in 2012, and i have been a fan ever since!

so when i got accepted to access an ARC on Edelweiss, I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT!!

And the book was as good as i knew it would be.

So the book is from Sylvie perspective.

she’s happily married to Dan, and have 2 beautiful girls! actually they had been on their 10th anniversary, when they went for a checkup, and the dr. told them they are a healthy couple! very healthy that it’s expected that they live another 68 years. together….

That’s when they freak out, and try to come up with ideas that can entertain them for the next few decades. But when Sylvie come up with Project Surprise Me, everything goes south….


“I think a relationship is like two stories,” I say at last, feeling my way cautiously through my thoughts. “Like … two open books, pressing together, and all the words mingle into one big, epic story. But if they stop mingling …” I lift my glass for emphasis. “Then they turn into two stories again. And that’s when it’s over.” I clap my hands together, spilling champagne. “The books shut. The End.”

Reading this book was so much fun! i laughed and laughed and laughed some more!

I panicked, picked at your fingernails, and i almost cried!

What i really like about Sophie’s book is that the heroine is always talking to us between scenes, like she knows she has an audience and she’s pretty confident she can make them laugh.

Sylvie is so funny! her relationship with Dan is a real goal, they have these adorable twins( Anna & Tessa), my heart melted just reading about them.

it’s ridiculous. I know if I said to them, “Do you want to study QUANTUM PHYSICS?” in the right tone of voice, they’d both yell, “Yes!” Then they’d fight over who was going to be first to study quantum physics. Then I’d say, “Do you know what quantum physics is?” and Anna would stare blankly, while Tessa would reply defiantly, “It is like Paddington Bear,” because she always has to have an answer.

and i could relate to a lot of scenes, even though im not married, nor do i have kids, the humor was HIGH LEVEL.

Toby could be really good-looking, but he’s got one of those beards. There are sexy beards and there are stupid beards, and his is stupid. It’s so straggly and unformed, it makes me suck in breath. I mean, just trim it. Shape it. Do something with it.…

Also the plot twist

The plot twist got me throwing all my expectation outta the door.

I was like


how did that happen?

The ending was so satisfying, LIKE SO SATISFYING!!!!!

I can’t recommend this book anymore than already , go read this book, people



10 thoughts on “Surprise me by Sophie Kinsella

  1. Okay I got super excited thinking somehow I MISSED one of her titles and I kept scrolling to find out this isn’t even out yet. My heart hurts a little, not gonna lie lol.

    Me and Edelweiss have had a very very complicated relationship since they launched years ago and I just assume now that I’m jumping back into book blogging (my book blog is starting back up at we’re still gonna have problems lol!

    I guess I’ll have to either pre-order this one or wait for it at my elibrary either way IM SUPER EXCITED TO READ THIS!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah even back then when I was one of the bigger book bloggers I would still get declined, a lot of us did haha so it’s like WHO ARE THEY APPROVING EVEN!

        And weird, here’s the link again… I pulled it off my search bar this time instead of manually typing it, not sure if that will make a diff but it’s worth a shot!

        Liked by 1 person

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