How I Met My Book

How I met My Book #2; Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Hey guys♥️
Today’s story of #howimetmybook is about how i met Colleen Hoover’s books.🤗

If you don’t know what How I met my book little project is, you can check my first post here 

I didn’t even who Colleen Hoover was

. An online bookstore , had an offer on her books. And i just had to get the offer, you know? So i got these 5 books ( maybe someday, maybe not, november 9, confess, ugly love).

I didn’t even read the synopsis until i had the books, so i started with Maybe Someday; i was like ” yeah a cliché romance, i know how this one is gonna turn out”.

Turns out, I don’t know shit😂


i was WOOED! The book was too amaze-balls to be true, it was perfect, music and romance,, and so much more! I flew through this pile of books in less than a week and made my way to the rest of her books. And ever since that day, she has been my absolute favorite author!♥️♥️

there’s always a kind of artisty thingy in her books, whether it’s poetry, making music, singing, drawing. I just can’t put into words how her books amaze me, you just gotta read and know it yourself.

annnd that’s it ❤

have a nice day, babies


12 thoughts on “How I met My Book #2; Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

      1. Same here… and the fact that deafness is not shown as inhibiting him in anyway just made me like it even more….


  1. I loveddddddddddd Maybe Someday so much. I have no words to describe how amazing I felt after reading it. And Confess killed me like right on spot because it was amazing, I wasn’t sure to buy it or not so I downloaded the epub version and once I started I just couldn’t put it down.

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