Wrap up

Late December Wrap-up & January TBR.

hey there, chubby cute little bookworms

i know i’m late


i am sorry i had a final exam i had to study for, as always.

Anywaaassss, so i don’t even know how to wrap up this LAME EXCUSE OF A MONTH!! This month is literally the worst, and not reading wise, i was sick for the most parts, and had lots and lots of studying to do, i was sad and stressed, UGH IT WAS AWFUL!

So Other than reading and being behind on my review schedule, what did i do?


That’s why I should probably just tell you what i read and head off

I read 8 book, which is fairly good, i mean i DNF-ed one of them, but at least i read, eh?

  1.  download (10).jpg Tapping the Billionaire by Mix Monroe, 4.75 STARS (REVIEW TO COME)
  2. download (11).jpg Tapping her ( tapping the billionaire #1.5) 5 STARS
  3. 36408418.jpg Choose your own romance by K. P. Chanelli 3.5 STARS
  4. 23453723.jpg The Design by R.S. GREY, 3.3 STARS (review to come)
  5. 36694120.jpg Beautiful potential by J.SAMAN, 5 STARS (REVIEW TO COME)
  6. 28477789.jpg Suck up-suit by Vi keeland & Penelope Ward, 3.5 STARS
  7. 24500150 (1).jpg Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk, 5 STARS
  8. 36602086.jpg Bad at love by Karina Halle, DNF at 30 %.


Most of these books, I haven’t been reviewed yet, so im still editing them, adding my GIFs and all, and then i will keep posting until you beg me to stop.

so Music wise, i have been listening to lots of Music, studying and all, youknow?

Now looking at my little Playlist,  i get a feeling that im in love or getting through a break up! LMAO don’t let that fool you, buddies, exams makes my emotions all over the place.

So my January TBR Isn’t all figured out yet! but i do have a couples of ARCs i hace to read and review so here they are

  1. c.jpg The pursuit of zillow stone by Brindi Quinn
  2. 34666126.jpg the moon of farellah ( the heart of farellah #2) by Brindi Quinn
  3. download.jpg Girl Unknown by Karen Perry


And i guess i will have to wing the rest of the Month

So How was your month guys? Lemme know how many books did you read< or just leave a link to your wrap up, so i can check it out




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