The End Of The Year Book Tag



Yes so i haven’t been around that much, finals are just killing me okay? im really trying to rescue my semester here.

anyways, here’s a fun bookish tag i found at , i tagged myself LMAO, i don’t even know the owner but i loved her question ❤ 

  1. Have you read any book(s) with someone? If yes, what was your buddy-read for 2017?

    Yes i had! it was a romance, a really really crappy one tbh, it was remember me always, or smth? i read it with my first bookstagram bestie, JESSICA ❤ 

  2. Any new author(s) that surprised you?

    A lot of new authors surprised me, tbh. ever since i started bookstagram i have been reading more than my average rate, youknow? There’s Sarah J. Maas, i would have never, in a million years, imagined how good her writing is! Also as for Indie Authors, J.SAMAN. She’s my absolute favorite right now!

  3. What’s a new genre you tried?

    i Tried Horror, and nop, not doing that again to myself. sorry :/

  4. Any book(s) you read in the beginning of the year that you still recall very fondly in December.

    it ends with us by COLLEEN HOOVER. This book, i recall it very very verrry foundly. And i’m pretty sure i will keep recalling it FOREVER.

  5. Favorite book(s) you read during your birth month. I read After series by Anna Todd on September, and it was so GOOD! 

  6. A book series you finished/started in 2017.


  7. Book(s) that everyone raved about in 2017 that you didn’t feel strongly about.

    Humm that’s a tough one,i tend to absolutely hate overhyped books. But i don’t get why people are obsessed over THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END. Sad books shouldn’t get that much hype! people get affected by this things!

  8. News that made you super excited for 2018!

    i don’t know, i haven’t heard anything about 2018 have you?

  9. Give me 2 books you’d re-read, 1 you wish you could forget, and 7 you’d buy for your past self.

    Id re-read: ACOWAR &I heart NEW YORK. id forget a monster call. Id buy the Vampire Academy Series for my past self. ( it’s a set of 7 or 6 books, so it counts, right?)

  10. Name one bookish goal you’ve achieved

    Starting my own bookstgaram AND Book Blog, is the biggest achievement i could have asked for!!


ANNND THAT’S IT. Feel Free guys to do these Questions, I am too lazy to tag everyone i Know, so please by any means, just DO THE TAG. LMAO

Have a nice day, y’all 

12 thoughts on “The End Of The Year Book Tag

      1. LMAO! I never thought that to be a waitress response until you said something! I think I’ll give it a shot on my blog early next year and I’ll definitely come back here and send you a link! 🙂

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  1. This tag looks awesome! These are all such great questions and they make you really reflect on the books you have read throughout the year! We also read the entire ACOTAR series this year! ACOMAF was by far our favorite of the three ❤

    And good luck with finals! We just finished our semester and it nearly killed us, so we understand your pain! But YOU CAN DO IT!!

    -Ash & Lo

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    1. Thank you so much girls 😍😍

      And Yes Acotar was amazing! And i think the reason i love acowar so much is that it has more romance that acomaf,youknow?

      I found the question over the girl’s blog, im trying to remember the link but it’s too hard 😦 i wanna give her credit 😫

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      1. You are very welcome 🙂

        And that’s a good point you make about ACOWAR! We adore Rhysand and Feyre! Their relationship and the others that form in the final book are so precious!! We maybe like ACOMAF a little better just because we loved seeing how Rhysand and Feyre went from hate to love! Plus, seeing the Night Court for the first time was so cool! Nonetheless, the entire series was fantastic!

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