The Book Blogger Test Tag

Hola  sexy people xo

So, apparently ive grown  rather found of those bookish tag! So i was quite excited when i was tagged by the Beautiful Abigail at ABIGAIL’S BOOKS to do the BOOK BLOGGER TEST TAG.

sound fun, eh?


1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Answer the ten questions asked on this post.

3. Nominate at least five people to do it also.

Top 3 book pet hates

  1. so i usually almost always, bring a book with me in my bag, even if i know i won’t have time to read. but it’s just frustrating!! when i release after having the book in my bag for 5 hours or so that a page is folded or the cover got folded.
  2. I absolutely hate that i can’t find the page number in my kindle! GOD it’s so frustrating. the page numbers is everything guys! EVERYTHING.
  3. i absolutely hate when i buy a book online, and when it gets to me, i realize it’s too small,tiny, and like 200 smth pages.  i mean, my moto is  I LIKE BIG BOOKS, AND I CANNOT LIE #SHAMELESS


Perfect reading spot

Okay so obviously my bed. but it’s my bed when im home alone.. not when there’s like 7 other human beings in the house, and interrupt me every 2.5 seconds, youknow?

Also, there’s reading in a cafe. There’s something so special about sitting alone in a cafe, in the morning, drinking my Latte, and just enjoying my book.

Three book confessions

  1. sometimes i skim read books, ugh i feel aweful saying that but when i just have to review a book, and it gets pretty boring. i just cant DNF it. okay?i dont do that. so i just skim read it to get it over with.
  2. as i said before to ABIGAIL. I didn’t read Harry Potter series. ANNND im not planing to read it. i dont know why, it’s just not that appealing to me.
  3. i listen to music when im reading. hehe some people think it’s distracting, and i do think it’s kind of distracting sometimes. but when you’re not alone, and you just have to shut everyone out. i gotta mute the world and put some nice music in ma head to enjoy ma book

Number of books on your bedside table

just one, i always leave my current read beside me. just in case

Last time you cried reading a book

i dont actually get moved easily! but i think it was Depression and other magic tricks. although im not sure i cried because of my state of mind or the sincerity of the book. lol

Favorite reading snack

a cup of tea, or latte, with something sugary

Three books you would recommend to anyone

  1. it ends with us by COLLEEN HOOVER AKA QUEEN. this book literally changed my life! xo
  2. I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk.
  3. Depression and Other Magic tricks by Sabrina beneaim , it’s a poetry book.


A picture of your favorite bookshelf


Even though it’s really hard to choose a favorite shelf! i finally choose 2. the upper shelf has my most loved books,they are all romance, or chick-flick. my absolute favorite genre.

the second one, has my paperback TBR, of course that’s not all of them, but those books! humm what can i say.i can’t wait to read, and i just know that im gonna fall in love with them. I JUST KNOW IT 

also there’re my handmade, humble candles. hehe xo

What book mean to you in three words




Biggest reading secret

Whenever i find an overhyped book, i get high expectations! so damn high, that the book doesn’t meet them. it happens all the time that i almost pick unpopular authors on purpose. it’s doomed to happen.

Who I Tag:






Trang & Lashan, BOOKIEDOTE


feel free to do the tag if you like it!

see you, lovelies

21 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Test Tag

  1. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOOOVED THIS TAG. 😁😁 Thanks for tagging me, Nada! FINALLY. 😂😂

    Heyyy….I SKIM THROUGH MORTALLY BORING BOOKS TOOO!!! 😂😂 But then, I reach the point when I REALIZE THAT the book is TOO HORRIBLE TO EVEN SKIM 😂 and I DNF it. 😂😂 #noguilt

    AND GODDDDD, Café is MY FAVORITE SPOT TOOOOO!!! Nothing’s a more appealing couple than COFFEE(black) + BOOKS)😁😍😍


    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG YES READING IN A CAFE!! ( alone is always best tho!!) I don’t think that I could get a kindle because of there not being the pages?? And the fact that I love to have the physical copy! I haven’t read Harry Potter either (I’ve read the first FOUR then gave up)!! And I don’t know whether I should??
    I listen to music when I’m reading too!! I do it when there’s a lot of noise around me, and half the time I just end up blocking out the music anyways ahaha!!

    JGBREGBR And I think that you’re also in the Brindi Quinn group on Facebook???!?!!??!

    Thank you for tagging meeee!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. why did you give up on Harry Potter? cause im like really currious to know why is EVERYONE IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES hahaha

      we have so much in commun already!!

      also yes im in Brindi Quinn review group. tbh i recommended your Blog to Brindi.
      i love spreading the word about review groups.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I gave up because well. . . I want to read them. . . but I prioritise books over them and I’m telling my self that ill read them soon but. . . maybe not . . .

        Omg yes!

        Aww thank you so much for doing that! That’s so nice of you!!

        Liked by 1 person

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