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That Night by Cecily Wolfe

Book Title:   That Night

Author:  Cecily Wolfe

Publishing Company: Dangerous Hope Productions

Number of pages:  165 Pages

Fromat: Kindle Edition

Genre:  Young Adult, Contemporary.

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

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For those who liked Thirteen reasons why, this book is for you.


When Kayla, a successful soccer player with good grades is found unconscious at a party by Cassidy and Sarah, her best friends along with her boyfriend Paul, no one can believe that she was gone because of heroin overdose. Things like this don’t happen to good girls or was it a possibility?

The month following Kay’s death was full of sadness, frustrations, and questions. Cass and Sarah were faced by heartless behavior of their classmates and they didn’t find comfort form their parent’s behavior. Paul was faced with his guilt and fell into a state of depression that no one knew if he would survive it. With Kay’s little sister Mia facing hurt at this young age, the three of them stick together to survive the shocking and unbelievable death of their sweet Kayla.

I am gonna start with what I loved about this book. 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the girls relationship, it was so strong, funny, and adorable. It was pretty adorable how they did everything together, and always had each other’s backs no matter what bullshit they were taking from people.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Cass asked. “Oh, because you’re here to do it for me.” 

As for Kayla, I loved her Character, but didn’t feel connected to her or to anyone in the story for that matter. But her passion for soccer was pretty intriguing, and also the fact that she’s a hard worker, reaching her goal was her priority, I loved that!

“I hope someday you both find something like it. Something you love so much, something that feels so right.” 

I couldn’t help but Notice how Cecily understood DEEPLY, the loss of someone you loved dearly, those parts were so well written. It felt like having my own feelings and thoughts written down.
Cecily, made me feel her loss! It was pretty fascinating how she told us through words that it was okay to be sad, that it was okay to always remember the ones we loved but don’t have them anymore to tell them.

“I think you’ll always think of Kay, maybe when you don’t expect it. There are so many connections you have to her, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t think of her.” 

BUT the thing is

the book was all about the emotional state of the characters, it was too sad and uneventful so honestly it was a little bit too boring for me as it took me more than two weeks to finish it, which is not like me at all.

I was expecting an ending that makes everything clear, but unfortunately a lot of things were left unexplained.
Also, the writing was a little confusing for me, because of two things. First, it was weird that the book was written from the author’s perspective which caused a lot of confusion. Second, the narrating of the events in some parts in the book really confused me like sometimes I didn’t get who was talking or where that was.

don’t get me wrong, the book is perfect for those who liked Thirteen Reasons why. But i absolutely hated Thirteen Reasons why, so maybe that’s why ? i don’t know…

However, I liked the goal of the book and I hope it would make people more aware of drugs.
I think that the book is more a self-help than a novel, so thank you Cecily for putting your thoughts and feelings in a book for us to relate to.


”Asking someone if they were okay when it was obvious that they weren’t. Why did people do that?”

17 thoughts on “That Night by Cecily Wolfe

  1. I haven’t really read Thirteen Reasons Why yet, to be honest but PEOPLE ARE SOOO IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK THAT I THINK I AM GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE IT A GO.

    But man, this review is VERY WELL-WRITTEN. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. oOOOoOoooOoOoO 😍😍😍😍 IS THAT YOUR NEW KINDLE?? 😉😉 In the first photo? 😁

        THESE LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. And then there’s me. I can’t even take a decent picture of the dead still sky! 😂😂

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