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Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh

ARC provided by the Publisher is exchange of an Honest review

Book title: Perfect Imperfections

Author:  Taryn Leigh

Release day: 30 March, 2017.

Publishing company: Olympia Publishers

Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 290

Genre:  Contemporary Romance, adventure, Culture.



“I’ve been the queen of symmetry and everything had to be in identical balance, no matter how you looked at it. But I’ve realized that sometimes things can be a little different, almost vastly different, yet make perfect sense when they are brought together. Sometimes differences are what make things symmetrical.” 

You know someone says, it’s made with love? This book here, is written with love. I could tell with every chapter that I finish, I could feel the author’s love, poured into this book; how much effort she put into writing it, to finally display this perfection through pages. And Every time I stop reading , I’m left with those positive vibes, youknow? The book is so spiritually beautiful, guys.

“I guess we put ourselves out there hoping for the best, hoping that the person you say your vows to will be an even better person when you are both old and grey. We hope that they will still be there, sitting in a rocking chair with you on the porch, sipping on coffee with your toothless gums.” 

I am forever grateful for the publishing company for sending me this perfect book. Its title is perfect imperfections, but honestly, this book (especially the cover), is screaming freaking PERFECTION.

I spent the first few hours of my birthday, ( which is today lol!), finishing this masterpiece, and i couldn’t have asked for a better start for my birthday.

Sarah Lewis returns to her home land, Durban, South Africa; trying to start a new life from scratch, after a failed marriage and a hard tragedy. With the help of her childhood friend, Katy and Edward; Sarah tries to put herself together, and build herself up, piece by piece.
But as she returns to London, she finds herself faced by her past, (literally speaking here, folks), can she overcome this tough situation and show everyone how strong she is?

She picked up a piece of chalk and began to sketch the scenery around her, the rolling shapes of mountains, the parallel boundaries of the river, the blades of grass and the slats of wooden deck. Right now her mind could not imagine life beyond this point; all she could draw was what was in front her. 

Sarah is so adorable! I fell in love with her character right from the first chapter, I went with her, from being fragile, weak and broken, to a strong, forgiving person. And the transformation is fascinating; honestly I loved every stage she went through.

she would rather be curled up in bed reading a good book and living her life through characters than venturing out into the great unknown world. 

And Please don’t get me started on Edward. He’s a fairytales kind of male character. I mean is there anyone like him these days? Or even close? Nop? yeah I knew it anyways.

At some point, Sarah goes to this cruise, ok? and everything keep reminding me of this game called Choices? I don’t know guys if you know it, anyways, it’s a simulation game, and it talks about a cruise ship, so I could relate to everything she did on the ship.


Also the fact that the story is based in South Africa, not USA, like the majority of novels, is just fascinating. I absolutely loved learning about their culture and this city (Durban). FYI i googled this city, and lemme tell you, it’s breathtaking!


HEV ALLERT, guys! One of the most beautiful ending ive ever read. Honestly it was satisfying and just PERFECT.

Taryn Leigh, you did a marvelous job in this book!  You put so much effort into those tiny, delicate, and beautiful details, I love that you made me feel as if I was Sarah, and Katy’s third friend.

Literally, it couldn’t have been writer better than this. Chapeau.


10 thoughts on “Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh

  1. Nada, your review makes me want to read the book like NOW. RIGHT NOW. NOW. Your review drenched with love for the book and I cannot wait to read it now.

    *day-dreaming about reading it one day* 😍

    Aannnndd it’s been quite a while. What’s up? Hope everything’s going well with you. ☺


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, would you….uhhhh….would you mibn if I steal ‘shameless TBR’ ?? 😂 It just sounds sooo cool and sooooo….uhhhmmm….ME! 😂😂

        And yeah, I can TOTALLY relate. I am in my second last semester now and it’s just getting harder and harder to gather enough courage to get up in the morning and make my way to the lectures. EVERYTHING IS SOO BORING. *sighs*


        Liked by 1 person

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